Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is cold and rainy here. We are bracing for the winter, and hoping for a mild one. My car is out of the shop, and the tires repaired from a blowout that we had on the way to church last week. We are worry-free and on wheels again!
Ben has been working like crazy getting the last of his papers completed. I got really sick last week and am still recovering from a sinus infection. With his busy schedule, it is a blessing that Ben did not catch it. This is his last big, busy week and then he can take a breather.
At school, there is still a possibility that I may get moved into another department in January. We are hoping and praying against that because it would be a big inconvenience and very stressful. In the meantime, I am teaching The Odyssey to my Freshmen and they are working hard. We are all ready for the holiday breaks.
So, that's what's happening lately.


Deb said...

I am ready for you to come home too.

Anonymous said...

It is soooo cold on my freshly sheared head!

laura said...

hey guys! it's laura here. i am momentarily very unhappy because it all of a sudden got very freezing. i don't remember it being so cold so soon..we will get used to it. in other news, also bracing for an increase in crime and general trash here in nyc!

Christie Rogers said...

Ha! It is amazing how grouchy the freezing cold weather can make you. You can say a lot about Mississippi, but at least humidity isn't painful!