Sunday, February 17, 2008

No love for the white stuff...

It snowed a ton here last week. Well, it was literally 5 inches but I am sure that just the snow in our parking lot weighed a ton. Here are some things the Christmas cards don't tell you about snow:
It gets in your eyes and up your nose when it is falling.

It is not always fluffly and powdery. It turns to slippery ice that is inches thick.

It gets all black and nasty after a few days.

It makes your car filthy.

A snowball hurts.

It makes it really hard to drive.

Despite what movies tell you , snow does not equal fun.

Congratulations Andrea!!!

Ben's cousin got engaged! We are soooo happy for you, Andy!

Andrea and Wesley

We are also very excited that Andy has asked Ben to perform part of the ceremony. It will be so nice to see everyone again and not have to wait until Christmas. I love weddings! Yay!