Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harry Connick Jr.

Thanks to a connection at my school, we got free tickets to the first performance of Harry Connick Jr.'s new tour.
Ben and I enjoyed the concert at the Louisville Palace on Tuesday night. We had a great time watching Harry Connick Jr. perform Christmas music and some other favorites. The Palace is an incredible venue. This was a fun way for us to kick off the holiday season!


Anonymous said...

It truly was a good time. The "Marshmellow Man" is coming this summer. I hope we can see him as well. You may have to fill in your adoring public about who I am referring to. Also, did you notice that I refrained from making a Hope Floats comment? It was hard, but somehow I found the strength.

Christie Rogers said...

You mispelled "marshmallow."
Your English Teacher wife